Dragonflies Class: 4 to 5 years

Educational programs to help children from 4 years old to 5 years harmonious development of the physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social and aesthetic.

1. Physical education development

Perform the right exercises movement signal, walking, standing, running right posture

Can coordinate the senses movement.

Her skillful hands, can install, open button, hand-eye coordination in art activities.

There are a number of good hygiene practices: wash hands with soap and oral hygiene.

Aware of the danger to yourself and prevention.

2. Education and cognitive development

Curiosity, interested in exploring the review to find out the characteristics of the phenomena around, realized their relationship simply.

Be able to observe, compare two objects using tools to measure, classify, judgment, attention, intentional remembering, can solve the problem in different ways.

Elementary math concepts: recognize numbers, numerals, arranged according to the rules, get to know the shape, position in space.

Likely to express understanding in many different ways (actions, words, pictures, etc.)

3. Development of language education

He can listen, understand and exchange words with dialogue, to understand means from generalized as: fruit, vegetables, animals, furniture, sports …

Capable of expression in many different ways: speech, facial expressions, gestures, body language …

She can feel the rhyme, rhythm, poem, and knives …

There are some initial reading and writing skills: holding books correctly, use the symbol, name, business card, get some common signs of life: toilets, fire ban, dangerous place …

4. Education and emotional development, social skills and aesthetics

Sense of self: say what she did not like, what they can do

Child to recognize and express emotions between man and man, the phenomena around him.

There are a number of personal qualities: bold, confident, self-reliant, try to complete the assigned work.

Formed a number of life skills: sorry, thank you, waiting for their turn, cooperate with friends to perform common activities.