Bumble Bees Class: 3 to 4 years

Educational programs to help children ages 3 to 4 years harmonious development of the physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social and aesthetic.

1. Physical education development

Be healthy, height and weight normal development.

Perform the exercises full command name, the skill: go on tiptoe, run speed changes, jump, crawl, roll the balls, throw … more skillful.

Have good behavior in eating habits when prompted: drinking nine, wash hands, washcloths, gargle …

He knows tell adults when pain, bleeding …

Knowing the benefits of eating for health: eat healthy to fast growth, acceptable to eat a variety of different foods.

2. Education and cognitive development

Interest, interest in the phenomena close around, get a few simple relationships of things when asked phenomena, arranged according to simple rules, identify the shape and position of the objects in space over itself.

He knows to use the senses to examine and classify objects by hallmark, simple test with the help of an adult.

Get to know yourself, your family, school, a common profession (teacher, seamstress) to name a few local sights.

3. Development of language education

Be a good listener, understanding the answer and follow a few simple requirements, understand the meaning of simple generalizations: clothing, toys, flowers, fruits …

Clear, easy-listening, lost in communication.

Said after the event, told simple stories heard, read the rhyme of the poem, like drawing or writing.

4. Education and emotional development, social skills and aesthetics

She said the name of gender, say what she likes, she does not like.

Can recognize emotions happy, sad, afraid … through facial expressions, voice, pictures of the people around.

She expressed some personal qualities: bold participation in activities, when answering the questions, try to perform the work assigned to perform some specified class, family: do not win the map play with you, obey their parents.

She has some life skills: hello, sorry, thank you, when prompted, that avoid dangerous places when prompted.

Featured admiring the beauty of the phenomena.