Our pedagogy

aWhether your child is Vietnamese, French, American, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian … or even from the Moon or from Mars, you must be aware that the nursery school is the place where he/she will first know the World, and first discover his/her own senses and it is therefore the place of elaboration of his/her first knowledge and of himself/herself.


It is thanks to games and using his/her senses that your child will recognize the objects surrounding him/her, discover his/her environment and discover himself/herself : “it is big, it is round, it is rough, it is smooth, it is bitter, it smells nice, it is acid, it is yellow, it is red, it is purple, it is bright, it is the same, it is not the same, it is nearly the same, it is more, it is less, it is on top, it is stuck inside, it is pinned in, it is hanged, it is open, it is closed, it is open, it is too hot, it is cold water, it is too loud, I cannot hear… and then, I don’t want it, I don’t want anymore, I have too much, I am not hungry anymore… and lastly: I don’t like it.”


it is through the process of expressing, naming, describing, comparing, classifying, drawing, colouring, stroking, breaking, singing and dancing, that he/she will give sense to shapes, materials, sizes, quantities and numbers and that he/she will enrich his/her language; and at that stage, the fact that it should be expressed in another language than his/hers will only accelerate and magnify his/her faculties of understanding.


and so it is thanks to the pedagogy of his/her ‘Miss Alliance teacher’ and her interactive questions that your child will build up his/her first notions and first forms of reasoning that will lead to other states of knowledge and  reasoning later… to better apprehend tomorrow.