Dragonfiles Class (4-5 Years)


The Dragonfly Class’ Newsletter for the Month of March 2015

Hello Parents!
This month we have been learning about transport. The children have been learning different kinds of transport, what they carry, who drives it and where is it driven or flown, for example; an airplane carries people and is flown in the sky by a pilot.
We also continued on with Number and letter sequencing and sound recognition, focusing on the alphabet as a whole and thinking about words that begin with each letter and which number or letter comes after the last.
We continued with the concept of IN and OUT.also the children have grasped playground words such as THROW, CATCH, PUSH, ROLL, KICK and BOUNCE really well and all of them know each word and what it means.
We have also learnt the song about Jack and Jill, sequencing the story and then singing the song.
We Have 4 new Children in our class, Bao Han, Giang Son, Vy and Ngoc Minh. Welcome to our Dragonfly class!
In AprilWelearn about weather and time! It is a great subject with lots of activities to teach the children some new words. We will learn about morning afternoon and night, recap on breakfast lunch and dinner time (from the food subject) also the different seasons and weather that usually goes with that season.

The Children enjoying story time Ngoc Minh, GiaBao, Ngoc Han and GiaBao colouring their fisherman in a rowboat.
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Happy 5th Birthday in April to: Thao Kim, Nhu Y and Anh Thu!
Teacher:Ms Duyen, Ms Thuy and Ms Vic 

Teachers:Ms Vic , Ms Duyên & Ms Thủy