The Pedagogical Project implemented by Alliance6 Saigon International Children School:


Alliance6 consists of 3 levels:


· nursery:  children from 24 to 36 months old, with 2 teachers for around 6 children.

· kindergarten:  children from 36 to 48 months, with 2 teachers for around 12 children.

· pre-school:  children up to 72 months old, with 2 teachers for around 12 children.


Endowed with an original concept, English for all, Alliance6 implements a specific pedagogy based essentially on games while respecting each child’s biological rhythms and needs.


The teaching is structured around 5 main domains of activity :



  • discovering the language : the discovery of the English language through other languages (pictures, sounds, behaviour…) is the first condition of their learning process. Alliance6 is thus the school of speech, exchanges, and discovery but also of the awareness of the diversity and functioning of the language.


  • Living together  : Alliance6 is a place where children are taught to live together but where  the permanent concern is to respect to the maximum each child’s needs, life rhythm and routines (sleep… food regimen…games…) while encouraging  autonomy and  ‘socialization’… respect for others, sharing, being clean, polite and attentive… and developing each child’s individuality and personality. The idea is to bring each child to share, with children of other nationalities, common spaces and activities, to discover the rules of life in society, to strike acquaintances and to communicate with his/her schoolmates and with his/her teachers who will also be coming from different cultures and backgrounds.



  • acting and expressing themselves with their bodies : Alliance6 helps your child develop his/her motor and sensory abilities by giving him/her the opportunity to explore creative environments and activities (games of skill, of rhythm, gymnastics, dancing, singing, music…). All the pedagogical participants in  Alliance6 will accompany the progress made in his/her growth, creativity and skill.


  • discovering ‘the World’ : Alliance6 pedagogical participants initiate the child to the ‘world’ and its diverse cultures through games, songs, nursery rhymes from all over the world and through international human behaviours.


  • imagining, feeling, creating : artistic activities such as painting, pasting, colouring, singing, music, rhythmic dance, or even playing in the sandpit, going on slides and in the swimming pool make the children come into contact with diverse materials and environments, faced with various approaches and so develop their creative imagination.