Caterpillar Class (1-2 years)


The Caterpillar Class Newsletter for the Month of March 2015

Beloved Parents,

This month we have been teaching the rhymes “Ringa Ringa Roses”, “Wheels on the bus go” along with earlier rhymes.The children started recognizing the objects, ball and house. They also have started learning E for egg and F for fish.

They learnt riding a bike with actions, since we had an interesting topic of “Transportation” in March’15.
In order to learn discipline, they have practiced “Make a line”- to stand in a single line. We continued practicing alphabet, numbers, colours and parts of our body.

image003 image005 image007
Children enjoyed playing with lot of balls. Children enjoyed riding a toy car and walker. They did exercise with involvement.

Teachers : Ms. Sarala, Ms. Hong and Ms. On Ms Hanh