Butterfiles Class (5-6 Years)


We had reached the hottest month of the year and this is the month of March. In this month we had the topic of TRANSPORTATION.

We had learned many things about transportation. How do you go to school? We had found an answer in this question. I go to school by _____. Car, By motorbike or maybe by school bus..

We should know the different transportation because in our everyday living we are always travelling. Going to our work, market, school we need transportation. This topic helps our student identify the kind of transport they are using in their everyday living.

We had enumerated the different transportation by land, by water and by air. Transport by land like car, fire engine, motorbike, ambulance and more. Transport by water like ship, canoe, submarine, sailboat and more. Transport by air like aero plane, rocket, hot air balloon, helicopter and more. We had used pictures to show these transports.

We had also learned the simple traffic rules, being a responsible citizen we should obey traffic rules and regulation. We had talked the different traffic lights, Red, Yellow and Green. We should stop for the red lights, be ready for the yellow and go for the green. Children should learn this kind of rules so that accident will prevent

In math we had learned more and less numbers and of course the recognition of numbers 0-100.

Recognizing the letter sound of the alphabet is one of our priorities this month. Like A sound Ah ex. –Apple, Ant, Alligator.

We are enjoying the entire topic that we are learning every month. Good job Butterfly….