Bumble Bees Class (3-4 Years)


The Bumblebee Class’ Newsletter for the Month of March 2015

One Bicycle-one clap
Two cars-two claps
Three boats-three claps!

It’s all about vehicles and transport this month and the bumble bees had a lot of fun learning about it!
We would like to welcome Tom, Annie and Ruby to our classroom as the new members of bumble bee!
Visual aids such as flash cards and toy cars are used to introduce the topic, and role play (fly like an aero plane) was en co-operated to introducing different kinds of vehicles where we learnt to recognize letters as A-Aero plane B-bus C-car
The bumble bees also improved their listening skills by guessing the sound of the vehicle. They also improved their vocabulary by reading books on describing words (Adjectives) Big car-small car etc.
The busy Bumble bee kids enjoyed craft making using different shapes to create a boat, train, and hot airbaloon which helps them to remember the shapes and colors too! Number games and Letter games are also used to revise the lesson.
Please encourage them to identify vehicles and name them as this will increase their confidence in speaking.
The Bumble bees are zooming away to the next month to learn about the weather!

Singing row your boat!

Vehicles using shapes!

Teacher: Ms. Rishda, Ms Hoang & Ms Lan